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Chronic Conditions

America's sickest seniors account for nearly half of Medicare spending
Map of six or more chronic conditions in your area

Black Migration Reverses

Mapping movements of African Americans from 2005-2010
Map of metro areas showing the net gain and net loss of African Americans from 2005-2010 Data

Mapping ACA Health Care Data from 2014-2015
Map of health care deductible premiums

Midterm Elections 2014

Injesting APIs to forecast election results
List of key senate races in the 2014 Midterm elections

Corporate Giving

Analysis and interactive on grants made at the 150 largest Fortune 500 companies
Scatter plot showing cash giving and pre-tax profit at top 150 Fortune 500 companies

Mellon Foundation

Historical analysis and interactive on grants made to public and private universities
Filterable database of Mellon Foundation grants made to universities from 2000-2012

Online Fundraising

Interactive charting online giving at major nonprofits
Filterable database of top charities' online fundraising numbers


Analysis and interactive on assets, grants and expenses at major foundations
Filterable historical database of top foundations' assets, grants and expenses

Gifts & Grants Databases

Interactive listing major gifts and grants
Searchable historical database of gifts made by major donors and grants made by large charities, universities and hospitals


Analysis and interactive measuring return on investments at major nonprofit endowments
Searchable historical database of top university and charity endowments' market value and return on investment

Donor-Advised Funds

Analysis and reporting on fast growing vehicles of wealth
Interactive showing the rapid rise of donor advised funds from 1998 to 2012

Nonprofit Transparency

Reporting on increased efforts to share information in philanthropy
Flat graphic showing the numbers of charties registered with the IRS from 1991-2012

Sunlight Foundation

Reporting and data analysis of campaign finance records
Video and reporting on political action committees courting the Hispanic voter